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*Successful completion of on-line course by principal operator of insured vehicle provides 3-year, 10% reduction in base rate of motoristís current car liability, no-fault & collision premiums.**Point reduction benefits can be applied once within 18 months and reduce as many as 4 points from record.

FAQS about Internet Courses and Other Alternative Delivery Method Courses (I-PIRP)

What is I-PIRP?

I-PIRP is an acronym for the Internet/Alternate Delivery Method Point and Insurance Reduction Program. Both a traditional PIRP classroom course and an I-PIRP course must be approved by the NYS DMV. The Internet is the most common delivery method for an I-PIRP course, but the DMV can approve other alternate delivery methods or ADMs. Examples of other ADMs include CD, DVD, video and cable TV.

Do I receive point and insurance reduction if I take an I-PIRP course?

Yes. When you complete an I-PIRP course, you receive the same benefits as when you complete a classroom PIRP course. You can reduce your driver violation point total by a maximum of four points, and you can save ten percent on your auto liability and collision insurance premiums.

How long does it take to complete an I-PIRP course?

The I-PIRP course requires a minimum of 320 minutes of instruction time. The instruction time does not include the time required to register, validate your identity and your participation, or to download and take any tests. The course site has controls to ensure you meet all the requirements and you have at least 320 minutes of instruction.

How does the I-PIRP course compare to the classroom course?

Both the classroom PIRP course and the I-PIRP course have very similar content and information, and both courses include 320 minutes of instruction. The classroom course is given in one daytime session or two evening sessions. You can take the I-PIRP course from home, at a convenient time for you. You must complete the I-PIRP course within 30 days of the date you register for the course. You can take the I-PIRP course at your own speed within the 30-day period.

Can I log off and continue an I-PIRP course at a later time or use different computers for separate course sessions?


You can complete the course in as many sessions as necessary, but you must complete the course within 30 calendar days of registration.

Your data will be stored on-line for each course session. Most sponsors assign you a user ID and a password when you register for the course. You can use your ID and password to log in on any computer that can access the Internet with an acceptable connection.

Are there tests or a final exam for an I-PIRP course?

Test requirements will be explained before you register for the course, normally in the course Term and Conditions. An I-PIRP course can have on-line quizzes, random tests and/or a final exam to verify your participation and determine if you understand the course content. Some sponsors require you to take a final exam in person.

In addition to knowledge tests about course content, there will be questions to help verify your identity and participation in the course.

What if I fail the quizzes, tests or final exam?

The test and exam process and the effect of results can vary from one sponsor to another. Carefully read the information about tests before you register for the course.

The course normally requires you to answer 70% of course content questions correctly. You normally will have two tries to get the correct answer to a question.

Tests are timed, and you will have limited time during a test to look for an answer that you do not know. It is best if you take the time to concentrate on review and understand the course content before you take the tests.

What if I fail the course? Can I receive a course fee refund?

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If you do not meet all the requirements to complete the course or meet the minimum test score requirements, you cannot receive credit for course completion and you cannot receive point and insurance reduction for the course.

A sponsor can offer for you to take the same course again at no additional costs. The sponsor is not required to offer this.

What is the cost of an I-PIRP course?

The cost is set by the course sponsor and the fee varies from one course to another course. Your cost is stated clearly before you register for the course. It is to your advantage to compare courses and their fees.

How do I pay for an I-PIRP course?

The sponsor will normally require you to pay with a credit card, but this is determined by each sponsor. Check with the sponsor for complete information about payment.

What is the procedure for course cancellation and/or refunds?

If the sponsor cannot conduct the course or any part of the course, they must give you the option to receive a full refund of all course fees. The sponsor can also offer you the option to reschedule the course, if and when the course is available.

What type of equipment and technology do I need to take an I-PIRP course?

The answer depends on the alternate delivery method (ADM) of the course. For example, if the course is an Internet course, you must have a computer and an acceptable connection to the Internet. For a DVD ADM course, you must have a television and a DVD player. The sponsors must provide any additional technology required to deliver the course. The sponsor must inform you of your requirements when you register for the course.

How and when do I receive my course completion certificate?

The course sponsor mails the course completion certificate to you by regular mail. An email copy of the certificate is not valid and will not be accepted by your insurance company.

The course sponsor must issue the course completion certificates within 14 business days of course completion. Some sponsors offer express mail delivery options at an additional fee.

Does the DMV send my completion certificate directly to my automobile insurance company?

No. You must contact the insurance company and supply your certificate to them for insurance reduction benefits.

Are the I-PIRP websites secured?

Yes. The DMV requires that the sponsors and their delivery agents provide secure websites that protect the personal information of those who take the courses.


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What personal information is required to take the course?

The sponsors collect personal information to verify your identity and your participation. This can include identity information like the Client ID number from your NYS driver license and your name and date of birth. Identity and participation information can also include biometric data like keystrokes, facial recognition or voice recognition.

The sponsor will also collect credit card information for the course fee.

Under the I-PIRP requirements, your personal information must be protected.

Is my personal information kept after I finish the course?

Read the privacy and security information at the web site of the I-PIRP sponsors. The sponsors are required to store your personal information on a secure server for a time period specified by DMV.

The DMV verifies the security of the servers that host the course.

What is done to ensure that the person who registers for the course is the person who takes the course?

Each course sponsor has different methods to validate that the person who registered for the course is the same person who takes the course. Any person who attempts to defraud the system or who accepts a course completion certificate and its associated benefits without having personally completed the entire course has committed a crime and may be subject to prosecution, fines and imprisonment.

How to Reduce Your Points and Your Insurance Premiums

If you take a DMV-approved accident prevention course, you can

The DMV computer system automatically applies the point reduction when your course completion is added to your record. Your record shows your convictions and the points they carry, and has a notation that you completed the course and that a reduction of up to 4 points has been applied. The reduction is automatically applied within the DMV computer system.


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